Solo exhibition.

Eks-rummet, Prags Boulevard 61, 2300 København S, DK.

24-25.10, 29.10-1.11, 5-8.11, 14-17.

You will literally step directly into the painting at Eks-rummet. I exhibit the result of many experiments of spatiality. With different approaches, I thrive to depict visuals of what space as concept means. As a consequence I have painted the whole room as one big painting.




On reflection as a fysical concept as well as in a figurative sense.

Groupexhibition curated by Hanne Helms, Hanne Nielsen Kjaersgaard and Renate Borgen.

Pakhuset, Vesterbro Torv 4, 4500 Nykøbing Sjælland.

10.10 – 31.10, 2020.

Exhibiting artists are Christina Augustesen, Renate Borgen, Lis Bramsen, Hanne Helms, Hanne Nielsen Kjaersgaard, Christina Maj Lundquist, Mette Sandfærd and Gitte Svendsen

Photos by Anders Sune Berg





7 contemporary artists explore their individual artistic background in

GJETHUSET GALLERI, Frederiksværk, Denmark

19.1 – 6.3 2020

Curated by:

Renate Borgen, Hanne Helms, Hanne N. Kjærsgaard

Exhibiting artists:

Renate Borgen, Ninna Bohn Pedersen, Hanne G, Hanne Helms, Hanne N. Kjærsgaard, Mette Sandfærd, Gitte Svendsen




Groupexhibition 2018

Kunstpakhuset, Ikast, DK.

Reflection can be seen as a physical phenomenon; it can also be understood in a figurative sense. At the crossroads of these two perceptions arises the momentum for the [ree-fleks] exhibition. We wish to show the multiplicity of mirroring and reflection.

Renate Borgen, Hanne Helms and Hanne Kjærsgaard Nielsen have curated [ree-fleks] and are exhibiting alongside Christina Augustesen, Hanne G. Grønlund, Ninna Bohn Pedersen, Gitte Svendsen and Mette Sandfær.




2017 - 2018

Studio, Raadvad, DK

A one year long experiment with different wallpaintings on my studio wall to uncover the effects in the room. With the same setup every time it was possible to compare the impact that the painting made in the surrounding space.



Galleri North, CPH., DK.

At Gallery North, the viewer enters directly into the painting. Floors and walls are painted as one large painting. Thus surrounded
by the work, one will see it through freestanding objects freed from the images. You can explore and experience how the work 
mutates as you move around in the room and see new combinations of colors and picture elements come into play for every step 
you take.




Separate exhibition 2015.

Galleri Houcon, CPH., DK.