Approaching spatiality as concept in different ways artists Gitte Valentiner-Branth and Hanne Helms explore private space by examening spatial elements of expression and sensation.

Throughout their careers Gitte and Hanne have been working around and about, into and out of what defines space.

This exhibition is all about the personal space. The space where one feels at home and where we leave trce - consciously or otherwise.

The exhibition consists of two separate showings in the artists homes where both artists works are shown side by side.





Reflection can be seen as a physical phenomenon; it can also be understood in a figurative sense. At the crossroads of these two perceptions arises the momentum for the [ree-fleks] exhibition. We wish to show the multiplicity of mirroring and reflection.

Through mirroring, it is our ambition to represent nature, both in a digitalised form and in a more meditative capacity – along with reuse of discarded materials, which reflect the throwaway culture criticising hustle and bustle, and minimalist repetition protesting against efficiency. Psychological angles are in play by reflecting adaptation, misunderstanding as agent for understanding, and the balancing act between dystopia and adventure. All this is materialised in painting on paper, canvas and wall, along with textiles, sculpture, installation, light installation and video.

The artists featuring in this group exhibition have various backgrounds, education (eller experience) and approaches. The pieces on show address a number of topics and ideas that have triggered the motivation and mode of expression in the works of the individual artists. Our aim with the exhibition – in which the works reflect surrounding objects and are reflected in one another and the setting – is to show our very different ways of perceiving ‘mirroring’, by reflecting and involving them in various artistic approaches. All the artists represented in [ree-fleks] have worked on the specific theme of ‘mirroring’, and thus all the works are new.

Renate Borgen, Hanne Helms and Hanne Kjærsgaard Nielsen have curated [ree-fleks] and are exhibiting alongside Christina Augustesen, Hanne G. Grønlund, Ninna Bohn Pedersen, Gitte Svendsen and Mette Sandfær.