Space creates people


Space creates people. My painting reflects a search for order and balance. I have long been exploring the effect of the painted space. Experiments with wall painting in my studio have shown how the image takes on a new role when it becomes part of the room and how the room becomes present because it has become the image.

I use the room as canvas and work on the wall with geometric sequences composed of pure demarcated colour surfaces. It is important to me that the expression is precise and minimalist, and that the colour is clear and distinctly articulated. Construction is the core element in my works; I find beauty in a systematic approach and a structural precision.

I am fascinated by the way in which space defines us. Space creates people; because the surroundings set the scene, for how we see ourselves and how we are seen by others. We automatically mirror ourselves in our current surroundings, and this is where I get to work. With references to the physical reflection, I utilise repetition, displacement and the axis of symmetry. By so doing, I want to give the space a feeling of pulse, recognisability and cohesion.



Hanne Helms

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